If I Could Walk In Paradise

If I could walk in paradise

I’d jump on clouds and leap through air

Instead of moving mountains

I would simply take the stairs.

I’d look just like the rest of you &

No one would stop to stare.

I’d do everything the “normal” way

So nobody would care.


If I could walk in paradise

My “condition” would be healed

With no disability apparent

I’d have no “weakness” to conceal.


But if you could walk in my shoes

Or rather, spend a day on wheels

You’d see me in a brand-new light

And learn just how it feels

To be stronger on the inside

For things are never as they seem.

I don’t wish to strut through life like you —

Not even when I dream.


If I could really go to paradise

I’m not sure I’d walk at all,

And I’m certain that my difference

Wouldn’t make me feel so small.

You see, paralysis has made me

Much more able than before

Though my spinal cord is shattered

I am resilient at my core.

I have learned to rise again

When life has knocked me to the floor,

If turns out, the world of “different”

Is where my spirit learned to soar.


So please, be mindful when you tell me

That you’ll pray for me to walk again

For what I’d really rather

Is that you learn from my experience:


Your life is far too fragile

To wish were not who you are

After all, it takes the darkness

For us to even see the stars.


– Brenna Bean

@ brennambean


6 thoughts on “If I Could Walk In Paradise

  1. John Schall says:

    Beautiful Brenna! To make poetry, not just prose, tell this incredible story is just so beautiful. You have a gift darlin and you’re sharing it so well. xo


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